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Cooperation - Manufacturers

Are you a contract
furniture manufacturer?

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  • 11
    years on Market
  • 150 000
    Furniture Sold
  • 18 000
    Orders Completed
  • 28
    Countries Served
  • 01
    Our company provides customized furniture prepared to measure for corporate and institutional clients. Our primary focus is on the contract furniture market (commercial and customized).
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    As a constructor, you can enhance your productivity and efficiency by automating processes at Mebway.
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Why is it worth joining us?

  • liczba 1Mebway software has parameterized solids, so all elements in a piece of furniture can be customized easily.
  • liczba 2You can get access to a 3D product configurator that allow Your clients to see how their furniture will look like and how to set it up in their space.
  • liczba 3Guaranteed to increase sales and another source of new orders.

Mebway for manufacturers

  • uścisk dłoni
    Sales increase and another source of new orders
  • sofa
    We provide technical drawings, cad/cam files - manufacturers carry out orders for our customers
  • monitor
    Increase productivity and efficiency through process automation
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Mebway's expansive network enables designers, stores, and manufacturers to expand their reach and thrive.

Our goals and objectives

Goal Number 1
Fastest possible lead time

Working with a number of manufacturers gives us the ability to target orders based on occupancy.

Goal Number 2
All made in a high-tech way

CAD/CAM files, CNC machines

Goal Number 3
High quality of manufactured furniture

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we have more than 300 positive reviews on Google.

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What will you get?

Work with a partner visited by 1000-2000 users from all over the world every day
No need to have your own furniture systems. We provide technical drawings, cad/cam files
Constant access to the Mebway platform, where he can check orders and make any changes
3D product configurator
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The finished furniture design goes directly to the manufacturer in cad/cam files, which can be used on production machines. There is also no need to prepare prototypes, so factories gain the time needed for technological preparation of the furniture.

This solution helps minimize the risk of making mistakes during project implementation.

  • wyciągięty kciuk na znak ok
    With our technology, it will no longer be necessary to hire additional staff just to handle the quotes.
  • uścisk dłoni
    If only the dimensions are changed, the help of a technologist will also not be necessary.
  • żarówka
    Manufacturers will soon be able to use the Mebway product configurator to sell products to their own customers.
  • gotowka
    The manufacturers will be given access to Mebway's platform, where they will be able to make any changes on its own

How does it work?

  • notatnik


    Register on the Mebway platform as a manufacturer

  • ziemia sieć


    Fill in information about your company.

  • ręka


    Set pricing parameters, materials used, and select products you can produce. Set margins for the products and wait for incoming orders.

How much does it cost?

diagram ile to kosztuje-producenci
As a manufacturer, you will get permanent access to Mebway's internal platform, where you will be able to add furniture yourself, choose the colors you want to produce, and set your own margin.
  • Full range of options
  • Ability to define product parameters yourself
  • Choice of materials you want to use for production
  • Automatic, accurate estimation of production costs
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