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Delivery costs in our Contract Furniture Marketplace should be calculated automatically after putting products into the cart and choosing the place of delivery . In the case that delivery costs are not calculated automatically, our customer service department will take care of the exact valuation of delivery costs - in such cases, please contact us preferably before making an Order.

For smaller orders, our own brand furniture collections or their elements are packed on a pallet or parcels and sent by delivery companies.

  • in the form of ready-made, complex furniture,
  • in the form of packed pieces of furniture, pieces of furniture for self-assembly,

We offer several delivery options to choose from, which we adapt depending on the size of the order:

  • delivery in a package up to 30 kg
  • delivery in a package up to 50 kg
  • delivery on a half pallet with max dimensions 60 cm (width) x 80 cm (depth) x 200 cm (height)
  • delivery on europallet with max dimensions 120 cm (width) x 80 cm (depth) x 200 cm (height)
  • delivery on an industrial pallet with max dimensions 220 cm (width) x 100 cm (depth) x 200 cm (height)
  • e.t.c...

How to estimate the delivery costs of your order - read more

If you have problems calculating the delivery cost:

  • Please contact our sales department who will gladly do it for you before ordering

If you order furniture to places where a delivery van, courier cannot get in accordance with the law (streets excluded from traffic, city centers), please prepare all permits accordingly. Otherwise, the furniture will be delivered as close as possible to the place of delivery, to which furniture can be brought in accordance with the law.

Delivery costs do not include the service of bringing and assembling furniture

We deliver furniture all aroung the World.