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About Us


Mebway is Unique, Worldwide Furniture Platform that combines the features of Online Store and Marketplace connected to the Mebway Manufacturing Cloud.
We are doing Everything to provide the Best Quality Products and Services related to the widely understood Contract Furniture industry, like:
  • Office Furniture, Executive Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Shop Furniture, Furniture for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes, School and Preschool Furniture, Metal Furniture, Custom Furniture
  • Office, Swivel chairs and Armchairs, Conference chairs and armchairs, Softseating i.e. sofas, couches and seats
  • Design, Interior and Building Arrangement Services provided by the Best Designers and Architects from all Countries around the World
  • Furniture Assembly Services provided by experienced Assembly Companies (Fitters) from all Countries around the World
We are the Owner of our Own Brand of Mebway Products, manufactured in the Family Owned Factory Located near Lublin, Poland.
At the same time, we Cooperate with hundreds of Partners all over the World like Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Architects and Designers, Assembly Companies under Mebway Furniture Marketplace and Manufacturing Cloud Platform. All of that to provide Best Quality Products and Services for our Customers:
  • At the best Prices
  • With the Largest Choice of Unique Products and Services
  • In the shortest Terms
  • Combining the Best of Local Suppliers with unlimited Choice from what is available on Global Market
  • In every Place on Earth
  • We are not an Ordinary Furniture Company - rather, we are a Technology Company that bases its development on Information Technologies - in order to connect our Customers with Local and Global Suppliers of products and services from the Furniture Industry in the widest, universal and automated way.
  • We want to transfer the method of Ordering Products and Services from the Contract Furniture Industry to a New, previously unavailable Level, ensuring Convenience, Safety and Comfort to our Customers. At the same time, we want to raise the level of Technological Development and Automation of our Partners.
  • Constantly, every day we develop Mebway Platform to ultimately become No. 1 on the Global Market in the Contract Furniture industry.
  • By operating on Global Market and thanks to our Partners from every part of the World - our Products and Services are and will be available from every place on Earth.
We already have 1000+ Partners in 110+ Countries all over the World - and this is just the Beginning:


We started working on the First Version of Mebway in October 2012. Mebway was Officially Launched on November 11, 2012.
  • Mebway was launched as a new Company to support Family-owned Furniture Manufacturer Meble Tora, which has been operating on the market continuously since 1992.
  • Along with the development of the Company, we Significantly expanded the range of Products in the Assortment, Designing and Launching more than 20 Mebway Furniture Systems - most of which are available in our offer to this day. At the same time, in order to be able to provide our Customers with the most comprehensive offer possible, we have gradually expanded it to include new manufacturers and distributors from Poland and around the World.
  • In 2018, we started a Technological Revolution in the company, directing the main directions of development to Strong development in Information Technologies. We have implemented a fully automated ERP system from scratch, which we have combined with the new Mebway Platform.
  • From year to year, our Way has been moving more and more towards development on International Markets, first in the European arena and now on the World Stage.
  • At present, we are still selling Own Brand Furniture + Furniture of Companies supplementing our offer. However, we see the main direction of our development in the construction and development of the Technologically Advanced Mebway Marketplace Platform connected with the Mebway Manufacturing Cloud.
  • From the very beginning of the Mebway's operations, we have put an overriding emphasis on Customer Satisfaction with the provided Products and Services, serving about 20,000 mostly Business and Institutional Customers from Poland and around the World.
In 2021, we plan to start building New Mebway Headquarters, located very close to the Airport Terminal of the Lublin International Airport.


Why do We Exist:
  • We want to be the most Enterprising and Innovative Company in the World
  • We want to be a Pioneer, keep Learning and Developing, Improving and Discovering, doing the Impossible - changing the World into a Better Place
Our Mission:
  • We want the Customer to Always be in 1st place in our activities
  • We want to provide the Best Products and Services to Customers all over the World
  • We want to constantly Improve products and services
  • We want to Support companies and institutions in their best development so that they can achieve the best results in their fields of activity
  • We want our Activities to be as Environmentally Friendly as possible
  • We always want to honestly and fairly treat all our Clients, our People and our Partners
Our Current Headquaters is based in Lublin City, Poland