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Architects and Designers Marketplace

Are you an Architect or Designer?

Join us - We now have 1000+ Partners in 110+ Countries!
Mebway Marketplace is the Platform where you can Add and Sell your Interior, Architectural and Furniture Design Services to all Mebway Customers and Partners.

Mebway is the Platform focused especially on Contract (Commercial and Custom) Furniture Market. It connects Architects and Designers with Local and Global Customers.

As an Architect or Designer:
You will be able to Sell your Furniture, Interior or Architectural Design Services to Different Parts of the World:
  • Directly - through Mebway Marketplace to all Mebway Customers, like: Companies, Institutions and Consumers,
  • Indirectly - through a Network of Local and Global Mebway Partners, like: Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Other Architect and Designers, Fitters,
You will be able to buy Discounted Products and Services from Mebway Partners:
  • Furniture that you will use in your Projects - from Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers,
  • Design Services that you want to Outsource - from other Architects and Designers,
  • Assembly Services for your Customers - from local Assembly Companies (Fitters) in Every Place on Earth,

How Does it Work?

  • Sign up to Mebway's Partner Platform as an Architect or Designer
  • Add your Company Details, Profile Photo (or Company Logo), Location on Map
  • Add your Design Services (or Products) to our System:
    • Add service Visualizations and Images
    • Add service Description and Details
    • Set your preferred Design Style
    • Set how much, Customers will have to pay for your service (or product)
    • Set your communication Languages
Set discounts for Customers and Partners:
  • Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Other Architects and Designers
  • Furniture Assembly Companies
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Business, Institution Customers
Choose who you want to sell your Products to:
  • Only Retailers and Wholesalers
  • All Mebway Partners
  • All Mebway Partners and Customers

What will you get?

  • Cooperation with the Portal visited by 1000 - 2000 Users a day from around the World
  • Possibility to offer your Services and Products to the customers of the Mebway portal
  • Partner's Microsite within the Mebway Domain: Sample Business Card
  • Partner's Dashboard - an advanced system for managing Profile and Services on Mebway
  • Extra Discount on selected Products and Services from Mebway's registered Partners
  • 800+ Partners from 90+ Countries all around the World

Partner's Dashboard

  • Advanced Profile, Service and Customer Contact Management System
  • Adding and Editing Mebway Services and Products
  • Ongoing Contact with Users, Mebway Customers
  • Order and Transaction
  • Individual Inquiries System

Design Services Category view

Detail View of the Design Service

Check our Partners Location on Map:

How much does it Cost?

  • Joining Mebway Marketplace - FREE
  • Full Access to Partners Dashboard - FREE
  • Partner's Microsite on Mebway - FREE
  • Adding your Products or Services to Mebway Platform - FREE
  • We only charge a commission on sales of your Products or Services through Mebway:
    • To End Customers who are not Mebway Partners - 10%
    • To other Mebway Partners - 3%

In the Near Future, You will also get:

  • Access to the Full Database of 3D Models available on Mebway
  • Ability to add a full Portfolio of your Projects
  • Ability to sell your Product Design to thousand of Furniture Manufacturers
  • Access to the database of internal Inquiries from Clients and Other Partners
If you have questions, please write to our email address: [email protected]